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Paradise of homeless cats: The Cat House on the Kings River

Visit the Cat House on the Kings River in Fresno County, California (USA)

When you arrive here, you will be overwhelmed by thousands of cute cats and can explore their comfortable life.

Unlike regular dog and cat stations, The Cat House on the Kings looks like a hotel, fully equipped on a large plot of land, considered a paradise for homeless cats in the US .


“The Cat House on the Kings” – the headquarters of a US nonprofit organization that is carrying more than thousands of derelict cats. It is located on an area of more than 48,500 m2 along Kings River in Parlier, Fresno County, California (USA).


Considered as paradise land, homeless cats are comfortable enjoying the on-site comfort with lots of trees, tables, chairs, computers and anything that makes them feel comfortable to climb or curl up and sleep.


For visitors, visiting here will leave many strange emotions and experiences. Cats appear wherever you see, even when standing or sitting.


This house is also home to old cats or sick. All care is handled by staff and volunteers with a high sense of community.


When founded 23 years ago, the cat house on the Kings River saved over 23,000 wandering cats and 7,000 derelict dogs. So far, this number continues to increase.


In US and many other countries, wild cats and dogs are often sponsored to collect, support and care until the new owner arrives. However, the case is too long but no one comes to adopt them, they will be forced to inject drugs to death to save living space for new ones.


Arranging a decent and safe place for these pets while waiting for new owners is considered essential, especially in the context of Fresno County – where dogs and cats rescue stations are located – injecting drugs to death. up to 65,000 animals every year.


The founder of the organization, named Lynea Lattanzio, started her career in caring for abandoned animals in a 24,000 square meter plot of land in 1992. Until now, she was often joked that the master’s throne had been shaken, give way to cats.


As soon as you step into the house campus, you will be “watched” by hundreds of eyes from every place of the cat.


Cats are not only cared for, they also participate in many interesting activities, including portraits and then framed paintings, then their paintings will be hung on the wall


Kittens are arranged in a separate room and receive special care. Visitors can still visit kittens because human interaction is still considered a good psychological treatment for them.


Once visitors become familiar with cats, they will become more open to visitors and willing to embrace them everywhere.


Many breeds of cats come together here, including crosses among many different strains.


One of the actions most appreciated by visitors here is to donate directly to cats through food, water or other items.

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