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The huge Maine Coon cat and its little owner girl live happily together

Maine Coon Cat – Giant tigers and interesting characteristics


Biological characteristics of Maine Coon cats

mèo maine coon 1

– Cat’s age – life expectancy: 10 years (about 15 years). So long as you take care of Maine Coon properly, you and your baby will have many happy years together. In order to keep Maine Coon healthy, you need to monitor, vaccinate and check your baby’s health every year, a balanced diet, exercise and love for cats every day.

– Maine Coons are large, muscular cats with long, silky tails that resemble a fluffy coat. You will watch Maine Coon forever because of this lovely.

– The heavy, sleek cat fur coats and their large, round paws are great for enduring the harsh winter climate. Their eyes and ears are very large.

– Maine Coons have a multitude of colors and there are colored rings throughout their coat. The signs at first glance will look like a panda. Very cute, right?

Where does Maine Coon come from?

The origin of the Maine Coon cat is hidden in mystery. Some hypotheses that this beautiful cat exists in North America:

– One theory is that cats were brought along with Marie Antoinette’s belongings. The cats were freed and proved to be passionate hunters.

– Another theory involves a British captain, Captain Coon, who commanded a trading ship. The cat ship may have mated with local cats in many areas along the coast of New England.

mèo maine coon 2

Regardless of these and other theories, the origin of the Maine Coon is still controversial. Maine Coon gradually asserted its position and difference when selected as the best cat breed at the first cat show in the United States.

Is Maine Coon cat friendly or aggressive?

Maine Coons are extremely friendly cats, mingling with adults, children, other cats and even dogs. They are smart pets with a funny personality and curious nature, they will make a best family member when raised in the house.

They also like companionship, and it’s not unusual for a Maine Coon to know where you are at all times. He will follow you “as tough as leech” there.

Mèo Maine Coon 3

The Maine Coon is a particularly curious breed, Dog Paradise would like to repeat this. If you bring anything into the house, your Maine Coon will be available immediately to inspect it. Once you have finished storing the product with any packaging or box, your Maine Coon will be in it, playing or turning it into its next bed.

If you leave a cupboard open, your Maine Coon will go straight in to see what you keep there. If there’s a small gap behind the drawer, Maine Coon will squeeze in to investigate. Unfortunately, this curious nature can lead them into trouble. If you lose a Maine Coon indoors, first check for any small space. Because our mischievous cat might be stuck there.

Will Maine Coon be “true love” for you?

The cost is expensive

If you buy a purebred Maine Coon from a reputable breeding facility, you will have to pay up to $ 1,000 (over VND 20 million). This price reflects the fact that good breeders pay for the genetic screening of their kittens, pay to register their kittens and pay for the initial vaccination.

When you own a Maine Coon, the cost won’t stop. You will continue to need to pay for:

– Health Insurance

– Cat food, accessories such as cat houses, eating utensils, etc.

– Cat litter tray

– Annual vaccinations and health checks

– Monthly fleas, ticks and worms

– A good selection of toys

– Pads, creepers

– Buy grooming tools / grooming services

– Someone who keeps cats when you go on vacation or on business trips

So prepare and proceed if you can afford to give Maine Coon the good care it deserves.

Nhu cầu tập thể dục

Maine Coons does not have any special exercise needs. You can train them to walk with leashes or harnesses when taking the cat for a walk outdoors.

Their physical activity should be similar to most cats (sleep for hours, jump, run and play). Contact your veterinarian if you notice a decrease in activity or motor skills – this may mean your Maine Coon is having a health problem.

mèo maine coon 4

Grooming needs

Maine Coon cats are in need of grooming. The thick, sleek coat of the Maine Coon, has two layers and can be easily combed even if long-term neglect.

Maine Coons can’t maintain all that beautiful fur: you’ll have to lend a hand. If the Maine Coon does not comply, it will be difficult to keep its coat free of knots and frizz. And if the Maine Coon is not groomed, over time, knots will appear and form skin-like rugs. In turn, they can work together until the cat’s fur is a large, uncontrollable rug, causing stress on the skin and causing pain.

If you touch a fluffy cat, it may feel sore and may stroke towards you. Pull a lock of your own hair until it tugged at the roots and held tight to get an idea of ​​how this felt. Large carpets can be removed with scissors and usually need a veterinarian who will then scrape them with a scalpel. It’s best to avoid this situation by persevering with a grooming routine from day one. You will also help prevent your cat from growing fur balls, which cause her to swallow her stomach during the self-licking process. In this case, attending a grooming course at Dog Paradise Academy will be a cost-saving option if you want to do this yourself for Maine Coon at a later time.

Also, cut your cat’s claws and do not forget to brush your cat’s teeth to avoid bad breath. Maine Coons can even “tolerate” the bathroom, not fear of bathing like other cats.

Play time with Maine Coon

Everyone knows how playful kittens are. The Maine Coon will play happily like kittens for a lifetime if someone takes the time to encourage them. We recommend playing with the Maine Coon for at least 15 minutes a day to keep your mind active and to satisfy its predatory instincts. It is also a great way for you and your cat to increase the bond. You can also refer to toys for cats in general and Maine Coon cats in particular that Dog Paradise is currently offering offline.

And don’t forget our note: It’s not a good idea to leave any Maine Coon alone for more than 24 hours. You can put enough food down or leave toys; But your cat could be in danger if he injured himself or fell ill. If a cat is indoors, its litter box will be dirty and it may choose to go to another toilet in your home. If you often go away, make sure you have someone who can show up and take care of your cat regularly. It is important that your guard be truly in love with the Maine Coon and spend time confiding in them.

Health problems

Maine Coons are fairly healthy cats, but are susceptible to problems affecting other cats:

– Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy thickens the heart wall and limits blood flow. Symptoms are rare but may include weight changes, shortness of breath or irregular heartbeat.

– Spinal muscular atrophy appears in kittens as a genetic disease. This condition can limit the activity of cats, but cats can still lead a normal healthy life. Breeders can check their cats and avoid breeding them with these genetic markers.

– Polycystic kidney disease occurs when a cyst appears in the kidney. The growth of cysts varies, often leading to kidney failure. But the good news is that treatments are available. Consult your veterinarian if you notice increased fluid intake, increased urination, decreased activity, weight changes or vomiting in your Maine Coon cat.

– Cat hip dysplasia occurs when the hip joint slips off, leading to pain and arthritis, and may increase as the cat grows and gains weight. Look for signs like: cats limping or reducing activity as a symptom. The test can determine if your baby’s parents are experiencing this condition, because cats with germs will pass it on to their children.

Maine Coon can adapt quickly when trained

Maine Coon is known as the “dog of the cat world” because of its loyal nature. If you get a Maine Coon cat, you will be able to train it very quickly to use the litter box. It will also quickly learn its internal clocking habits and programming.

It will soon wake you up for breakfast at the same time each day (also say goodbye before bed). It will be there watching from the window when you come home from work every day. Unlike many cats, Maine Coon will answer you when you call its name and hang around you half a step away, extremely affectionate, sincere and adorable.

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