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Two cats tried to break into the Japanese art museum for years

The black cat Ken and the yellow cat Gosaku began trying to enter Hiroshima Onomichi City Art Museum in 2016, during a cat photo exhibition.

Visitors can casually meet them sitting on a carpet in the center of the museum, they always seem to be waiting for the opportunity to run inside. But it was quickly dismissed by security personnel.

This situation has been going on for more than two years. In 2017, Ken’s cat almost surpassed the security door but still failed. Gosaku also tried his luck on Halloween 31 October this year, but it was also impossible to overcome.

The cat’s relentless effort made the Japanese social network excited, many felt their failures were charming.

Many people expect them to be successful in the future, they expressed: “They will plan better to overcome people, hope they will do it”, “I wish the guard could let them in even for a moment, they are curious to see the inside.”

Although it is not possible to enter the museum, Ken and Gosaku have their own gift shop with souvenirs printed with their pictures.

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